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Top Level Pharmacist-Led Clinic Support

When you opt to open a pharmacist-led clinic with us, you’re not only developing a pharmacy that strongly supports your patients, but you become part of a system that strongly supports you.  

Our support includes: 

What Services You Can Offer

Understanding that a pharmacist-led clinic provides convenient primary care and an improved experience to their everyday patients, what kind of services and help can you offer?  

Here is a small breakdown: 

Pharmacy Renovation Program

From large-scale renovations with construction and project management support to minor updates like refreshed signage and branding, we’ve got you covered!

A - Large Scale Renovation

B - Minor Physical Renovations

C - Updating Brand Assets

Pharmacist-Led Clinic Patient Benefits

Implementing a pharmacist-led clinic is a viable option to personalize treatment plans and regulate medication to a feasible level relative to patients’ medical conditions, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life.   

This approach: 

Implementing a pharmacist-led clinic can help ensure a higher quality care and support for your patients. 

Healthcare System Benefits

Pharmacist-led clinics have proven to be a valuable addition to the healthcare system, benefiting patients and the industry. With a pharmacist-led clinic you’ll offer a convenient and efficient means of addressing minor health concerns, thereby relieving a healthcare system that is often overburdened.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pharmacist-led clinic is a healthcare facility where pharmacists provide direct patient care services without the supervision of a physician. 

  1. Increased revenue 
  2. Improved patient outcomes 
  3. Increased access to healthcare 
  4. Expanded scope of practice 
  5. Increased community engagement 

Pharmacist-led clinics offer a wide range of services, including medication management, disease management, health screenings, and immunizations.  

Pharmacist-led clinics improve patient care by providing access to healthcare services in underserved areas, offering a wide range of services, and promoting medication safety and adherence.  

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